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Post by Mystic on Sat May 09, 2015 12:17 pm

Chieftains are the pack leaders. They are in charge of everything, and get the final say in everything. There is technically no limit, but usually there is one or a mated pair acting as the chieftains.

The deputies are the chieftains' second-in-commands. They act as advisers, assistants, and can take the place of a chieftain in dire or urgent circumstances. There is usually one per chieftain, but occasionally there are more deputies than chieftains.

Seers are the pack's wisewolves. They act as advisers, provide spiritual guidance, and interpret signs around the pack, providing an early warning for danger like early ice-melt or a huge storm. Only a few gifted wolves are chosen to be seers.

Elders are the retired members of the pack. They are either old or unable to serve the pack anymore, but have earned a place of honor rather than becoming a scrounger. A wolf cannot join as an elder, but must earn this rank.

Hunters are the wolves that provide for the pack. They hunt, fish, and scavenge to make sure everyone is fed. They must work as a team, each hunter using their skills in a strategic way to make sure the pack is taken care of.

Guardians are the pack's healers and pup-watchers. They take care of the sick and wounded, as well as pregnant or elderly. Guardians also take care of the pups, the pack's future, when needed.

Rangers are the pack's warriors. They fight and protect the pack's borders and den site. The best can become the chieftains' personal guards, but all are required to make sure the pack stays safe. They frequently accompany hunters on hunts.

Juveniles are the members of the pack less than 2 years old. They are tasked simply with learning the ways of the pack and how to survive. They are not allowed to leave camp alone until they are 1 year old, and they can't hunt or fight alone.


Lowest ranking wolves in the pack. They are always last to eat, and are in charge of cleaning up the camp and running errands. They are treated with little respect, as they have been put in this position as a punishment for breaking the pack's rules.[/size]

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