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Post by Mystic on Sat May 09, 2015 11:47 am

Rules that must be followed at all times

  • Don't be rude or bully other members
  • Keep swearing to a minimum
  • Sexism, racism, or discrimination of any kind is strictly forbidden
  • Be active at least once a week. This means posting something, not just logging on
  • If you will be inactive for a long period of time, please alert Mystic
  • No vulgar content. No pornographic, super violent/gory, or disgusting posts or images.
  • Do not post stories or artwork that are not yours
  • Try to use proper grammar and never use text abbreviations(ttyl, l8r, ect.). The only except is LOL in the chat
  • With the exception of forum games, don't make posts that are less than a full sentence long
  • Don't double post(posting twice in a row)
  • Have fun!

Rules that only apply to the role play

  • No power-playing (hurting or controlling another person's character without permission)
  • No magic or super powers
  • Any special abilities must be approved by Mystic
  • No unrealistic features (super long fangs, enormous claws, pink fur, ect.) without Mystic's permission
  • Unrealistic markings are ok, unrealistic colors are not (stick to fur colors a real wolf would have)
  • Your wolf cannot be invincible
  • Your wolf cannot be the center of attention always, so don't get hurt all the time just so others will pay attention to you
  • Prey is controlled by the Game Master account. Only they are allowed to control prey and enemies

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